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Des décorations de Noël en forme de vulve

La créatrice déco de Burlington en Ontario Suzanne McAleenan fait présentement parler d’elle autour du globe, car celle-ci propose des ornements de Noël en forme de... vagin et vulve.



Sa collection Vaginament en vente sur Etsy propose une foule d’items décoratifs en forme de mini vagins et vulves, de toutes les couleurs, looks, avec ou sans piercing, clitoris en clochette ou non.

Bref, c’est un hommage au sexe féminin que propose d’accrocher dans notre arbre de Noel l’artiste et féministe.

Voici quelques «vagi-décorations» pour pimenter votre temps des fêtes!


Repost from @feltmelons - I'm in such happy tired inventory-counting recovery from yesterday's Makeology-hosted Etsy Made in Canada show, it was such a well organized event ❤ Thank you to everyone who came by, to say hello and support handmade! This weekend, one year ago, was my first ever, ever craft show (hosted by a different company). Last September, I already had a few years of strong online Etsy sales under my belt, but 98% of those sales were to America, the UK, and Australia. I wasn't sure how my vagina would be received in my hometown (Back in the day it was extraordinarily well-received! Oh. Wait.). Long story short, they tanked at the Etsy show last year. It was held in a hotel banquet room, there was a distinct sort of shopper. It sucked: was it my product? The crowd? But I chugged along. Two months later, at an independent show a few of us organized in our local art gallery, the good people loved my little ornaments. Then last April, I was accepted into the Makeology Spring show, and had another great day ❤ Next up is the October three-day Everything to do with Sex show in Toronto. It's like a huge comicon, but with anal beads, gimp masks, burlesque stages, and hopefully a lot of air conditioning for those sweaty pleather-clad butt cracks 😨 I'm going to feel like the Church Lady, when normally I feel like the Bad Aunt :) I've digressed so much from where I was going with this, that I can't even remember what I meant to say. It might have been because I'm listing some early edition Vaginaments, and that triggered a trip down memory lane? Who knows. But look at the size and squishiness and lumpiness and bumpiness of these early day beauties ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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Know when folk blither on about having found their "tribes"? Found mine!

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Mama said there'd be days like this 😂 #vaginasforever

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Morning, sunshine 🌝

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